Harvey The Hammer and his best friends, The NAILS, start a renovation and repair company, with all their tool friends, to build and fix things for people.


TOOLS is an animated children's cartoon series for television. The characters are talking tools. When Harvey the Hammer and his good friends The Nails (Spike, Galvan & Tack) graduate from school they start their very own renovation and repair company. They also recruit other friends, like brothers Bob & Bob, the Combination Wrench, Corky the Crescent Wrench, Red Robertson the Screwdriver, Penny the Pliers and Fanny the Flashlight. Together, they build and fix things. The colorful characters and the wacky sounds are especially eye & ear catching to the young audience. Not only are the zany antics fun-filled, the episodes are built on friendship and learning. These are the TOOLS that make up the first season of the series. I have many more TOOLS characters who are introduced in later episodes.


Recently, students from Ferris University, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, under the direction of Marty Lier, completed a pilot episode of TOOLS for the show's creator, Jeff Oppen. Jeff came up with the idea as a dedication to his dad, Al, who passed away in 2004. During the time his dad was ill from cancer, the two of them reminisced a great deal. Much of that was about their love for working in the garage, building and fixing things. There wasn't anything in there that hadn't been re-painted by Al, with odd colors of leftover paints. And usually with a brush. Al was always up to something. He was like The Nails (Spike, Galvan & Tack) in the TOOLS cartoon. And as Harvey The Hammer does with them, Jeff would just shake his head at the zany antics of his dad. That's when Jeff came up with the idea for the children's cartoon. And before passing away, his dad was able to see some of the early artwork and graphics that would eventually become the animation you are about to watch.


Jeff is currently shopping TOOLS to the industry and the networks. If anyone is interested in further funding the project, working on new episodes, or helping to get TOOLS on television, please email Jeff Oppen or call him @ 519-982-7862. Completed pilot screenplay available. And without further delay, we bring you the pilot episode of TOOLS.

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The voice characters:
Jeff Oppen - Harvey The Hammer
Mike Downes - The Nails (Spike, Galvan & Tack)
Steve Anhorn - Corky The Crescent Wrench
David Graham - Bob & Bob The Combination Wrench
Wayne Verstick - Red Robertson The Screwdriver
Lana Oppen - Fanny The Flashlight
Perry Fletcher - Penny The Pliers

Jeff currently has a full season of TOOLS written.

Want to see Jeff's original animated promo?
Keep in mind, Jeff is a writer, not an animator ;-)

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